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CHIP CD/DVD Finder update

31 March |

CHIP CD/DVD Finder v1.0 (build 15)

-> bug fixed: unable to open the database while on cd (tip: the database can’t be updated while it is on the cd or the cddb.cip file is read-only)
-> added shortcuts for File Actions context menu (CD Finder mode):
Ctrl+S for Run setup
Ctrl+F for Copy files…
Ctrl+B for Show folder Image preview, click to zoom
-> now the database will contain also the CHIP magazine contents with a link to the full review on
when you add a new cd (pressing “Add CD…”) you can add also the content pressing open folder at the review file box to select your contents file.
-> you can do a search only on the contents
-> the Review checkbox in settings has 3 states:
– disabled : don’t search in the contents
– grayed : search only in the contents
– checked : search also in the contents
-> you will be warned when you will try to add an existing cd in the database
-> you will see a progress when adding new cd (it will not freeze anymore)
-> changed the about box now it also contains the latest news
-> you can abort a search by clicking on “Searching…”

v1.0 (build 8 ) 6.11.2005
-> this version got published on CHIP CD magazine it has a Navigator mode which can replace the old chip interface ( see Press )
– click on Navigator mode button or from the context menu to switch to navigator mode (the selected cd from cd finder will be used for browsing)
– it has more function for you to play with like copy files with browse for folder, show application folder, eject cd right click on applications list to see more
– it can run from both cd or hdd and is smart enough to detect and load the cd contents when you will insert a new cd in you drive (you must have autorun feature enabled for your drive to work)
– chip recommendation list is clickable, you can do a copy or any other actions on the item (right click in the list for more options)
– you can choose what to do when you double click on a item ( right click on list and choose “Settings->Double click action …” for a list o actions)
– you can do a quick search in the current cd
– switching back to cd finder with just a click
– if the application is opened with the /nav parameter then the Navigator window will be shown with the last cd in the database as the browsed information (usefully when it is opened automatically from the cd – autorun.inf file)

Download CD Version:

Download DVD Version:

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