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IssProc v1.0.1 (Files In Use Extension for Inno Setup)

15 April |

Note: I’m not maintaining IssProc project anymore, all projects copyrights and feature updates will be released from now here

  Files In Use Extension for Inno Setup (IssProc.dll) v1.0.1 it’s out with new cool and “smart” features and above all a very small size (only 21KB to add in your setup) :

  • multi-language support
  • user can add or modify his own language file
  • wildcard file match ( * = matches any characters, zero or more times ; ? = matches any character, one time )
  • exact folder match (detect if your file is in use only from a specified folder )
  • IssProc.dll can be used on uninstall as well
  • Silent mode : check if a file is in use without showing the applications list
  • Ignore button can be disabled forcing the user to close opened applications before installing/uninstalling
  • Information about the running application is taken from the version resource (only the Description info). When no version information is available the application main window caption will be used. If both fails (no version and no window ) only the exe file name will be displayed.
  • minor bugs fixed (including win98 support, now the IssProc extension will do his work on win98 as well ;) )

Notes for users updating from the first version (v1.0.0):

  • when searching for a running file regardless of his path you must use the asterisk/star * wildcard. Using just the module name will not match any of your files anymore:
    Example 1 : Modulename=’*mymodule.dll’;
    - will search in any path for mymodule.dll
    Example 2 : Modulename=ExpandConstant(‘{app}\mymodule.dll’);
    - will search for mymodule.dll only in {app} folder
    Example 3 : Modulename=ExpandConstant(‘{app}\mymodule.dll;*myApp.exe’);
    - just like Example 2 + search for myApp.exe regardless of his path.
  • IssFindModule function has been changed:

    Function Syntax:
    function IssFindModule(hWnd: Integer; Modulename: PChar; Language: PChar; Silent: Boolean; CanIgnore: Boolean ): Integer;

  • hWnd = main wizard window handle. Set hWnd to Inno main window handle, see {wizardhwnd} in Inno : StrToInt(ExpandConstant(‘{wizardhwnd}’));
  • Modulename = module name(s) to check. You can use a full path to a DLL/EXE/OCX or wildcard file name/path. Separate multiple modules with semicolon.
  • Language = files in use language dialog. Set this value to empty ” and default english will be used ( see and include IssProcLanguage.ini if you need custom text or other language)
  • Silent = silent mode. Set this var to true if you don’t want to display the files in use dialog.
  • CanIgnore = set this var to false to Disable the Ignore button forcing the user to close those applications before continuing or set this var to true to Enable the Ignore button allowing the user to continue without closing those applications
    Return Value:

  • 0 if no module(s) found; 1 if cancel pressed; 2 if ignore pressed; -1 if an error occured
  • When Silent is true IssFindModule will return 1 if it founds the Modulename(s) or 0 if nothing found

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