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Hey Raz, stop wasting time and update your projects…

30 May |

  I’m not wasting time I just have not enough “man power” for all the projects started here, I have a life you know? even tho many of you may say that a coder life is just his/her computer, well guess what? is not :P Life is out there in the sun or under a clear moon. So please stop sending me rude mails asking for updates, if you don’t like what you can find here, for free, just move on, pick you’re next google result, it’s easy. Don’t waste your time mailing me about what great thinks you have been done if you where like me and blah, blah, blah; c’mon give me some peace. This site and all the project started here are created in my own free time, payed with my own money. Yeah! it cost me money to keep things up and running you know? Everything has a price, nothing is free, not even life itself. You want to help out? Just donate a couple of bucks for your fav project and I’ll speed things up, I’ll involve more friends in the project etc .
ps: Don’t get this the wrong way, you’re mails with bug reports, support questions, thanks etc are still welcomed and no, no way, this is not the end, I’m not done here, relax. I’m just running late that’s all :)

 Now here is the reason for the lack of updates…
  I’m going to back to UK tomorrow! Yeah back because I’ve been there on 4th February and I just love that place. I’ve spend 5 great days in East Devon (Sidmouth) and one day in London (Hilton London Paddington). Even if I was there just for a business meeting I enjoyed every moment.
Hope you understand but I’m involved in some big projects for two years now and things are working well and yeah we’re going back and spend some more time in UK.

Here are some pictures from the previous trip:

Bye for now but not for long, I’ll be back. B-)

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