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LEVEL CD Finder v0.2.4

13 October |

LEVEL CD Finder v0.2.4 (13-10-05)
-> some bugs fixed
-> added old cd’s (1999 – 2001 -> thanks to gabi619 – from forums – for his contribution)
-> added a nice oscilloscope in the settings box (just check ‘play the music’ ;) )

-> changed the music themes (thanks to maktone )
-> now the database will contain also the LEVEL magazine contents thanks to Iacob Flavius [Arctic Avenger] iacobflavmihai [at] for writing the old magazines contents, great job!
How to add a review:

    1) click on add cd
    2) click on “Review…”
    3) fill the boxes with the magazin content and press Next or Prev to add and navigate thro’ records
    4) when you are done with the magazine contents press Save and save the records to a txt file.
    5) when you add the new cd (pressing “AddCD…”) add also the content txt file saved (see step 4) pressing open folder at the review file box to select your contents file.
    6) have fun!
LEVEL CD Finder v0.2.5 [66 downloads]
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