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MyTrillianStatus Library v1.0

22 January |

Include in your own applications the possibility to change Trillian ((C)Cerulean Studios) status message.
It’s very fast and easy to use. With one function call you will set a new status and choose if Trillian should auto responde with the status message when someone contacts the user.

Using the library :

MyTrillianStatus library is a stand-alone component (32-bit Windows dynamic-link library, not a plugin!), does not require any other files to work. It uses the drivers on Win32 platforms so there are no special library/driver requirements.

-> Copy MyTrillianStatus.dll into the same directory as your project EXE.
-> Although not necessary, it is a good idea to copy the dll file to windows\system directory, which is the usual destination of dll files.
-> use LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress to load the library and use the functions (see MSDN for more details about this functions).

Fully tested with:
Trillian v3.0 Basic build 967
Trillian v3.0 Pro build 947
Trillian v3.1 Basic build 121

and it should work with all Trillian 3.X versions.
This is a free library use as you will, just don’t take credit for my work!

Testing with VB...

MyTrillianStatus Library v1.0 [45 downloads]
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[Project Discontinued]

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