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MyTrillianStatus v1.0 (Winamp plugin)

28 January |

GENERAL PURPOSE PLUG-IN for Nullsoft Winamp – Trillian status changer
MyTrillianStatus changes your Trillian/Trillian Pro messenger status text with the current Winamp song info. You can add additional text like sample rate , bit rate ,song length, load random lines from a file or any other text.
You can also choose if Trillian should autoresponde with the status text when someone contacts you.
Fully tested with:
– Trillian v3.0 Basic build 967
– Trillian v3.0 Pro build 947
– Trillian v3.1 Basic build 121
and it should work with all Trillian 3.X versions and Winamp 3.x or newer.

How to install:
1. Close Winamp
2. Copy the plugin ( gen_trill.dll file ) in your Winamp Plugins folder
3. Restart Winamp and go to Preferences (Ctrl+P) – Plug-ins – General Purpose and double click on MyTrillianStatus v1.0 to configure the plugin (or click on “MyTrillian status” option from Winamp main menu).

MyTrillianStatus v1.0.4 [44 downloads]
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This plugin can also be downloaded from Winamp official site : here

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  1. yah the latest and greatest trillian doesn’t work with this which is sad, since it is a good add-on.

    it would be nice to fix the code so it works though because the latest Trillian updates Livejournal, MySpace, FaceBook with a status change.

  2. I’m on Winamp Lite v5.581, Trillian Astra v4.2 build 20, and the plugin says “can’t find trillian”, is this a software update thing related to Trillian Astra? or is there something I can do to tell it trillian is on?

  3. I can’t get My Trillian status plgin to work – i have trillian 42 build 19 pro and winamp 5.572.

    I installed the plugin in the Winamp plugin dir but when i try to configure the plugin i get an error : can’t find trillian messenger”
    Plse help

  4. Hi Raz,

    My status changes with the winamp player but it also changes my status from “available” to “away”. Even if I uncheck the “away” button, it always changes my status to away.


  5. Hi Raz,

    your plugin is great and really easy to handle … good job and well done ;)

    I only miss a feature. I’m talking about the ability to enable and disable the plugin or to change some of the options, e. g. auto-respond, via a keyboard shortcut.

    If you got the time to implement that your plugin would definitely be perfect ;)

    Hope to hear from you, greets

  6. I get a similar problem to the one posted by Ameen, when ever it changes songs it pulls me out of what ever game I’m playing and brings me to desktop regardless of winamp being minimized or not.

  7. Hi Brad,

    Trillian does not support custom text with MSN, this is Trillian limitation as far as I know. Not sure about the new Trillian astra version tho :-?

  8. My status gets updated with MSN for “Away” only and only if I set my status through the MyTrillianStatus preferences or I set it to “Away” and then the song swithches. That is, if I set the status manually to “Away” the status text doesn’t get updated with the current song. Will it work for “Online” status with MSN? Also, the beep to turn off in sound settings is “Default Beep”

  9. Hi Ameen,
    That is odd, just minimize winamp or set it not to be on top from winamp options…
    What is your Windows, Trillian and Winamp versions? so i can reproduce …

  10. Hi Raz, this plugin works great on my Winamp and Trillian.\:d/
    The thing is that the plugin make Winamp on top of all windows each time the song and status changes.FYI i like to hear some music while playing games like PES 6 and Bus Driver.So, the problem is that it make me kinda out of control of the game. Do you know how to make that Winamp not on top of all windows when the song changes?
    thanks in advance :)

  11. Hi Raz, this thing works great on my Winamp and Trillian. :)>-
    The thing is that i like to hear music while playing games like PES 6 and Bus driver.The problem arouse when Winamp go to next song and the status of Trillian changes.So, the ‘ding’ sound got fixed (i have that probs too) but it make Winamp top window.Which mean each time song and status changes, game I played kinda out of control.Do you know how to solve this? I mean how to make the Winamp not top window when the status/song changes?
    TQ in advance :)

  12. I am using Winamp 5.35 and Trillian Basic 3.1 and getting no results in Trillian. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium x64.

  13. Hi DZ, are you using the localized version? the plugin works only on the english version/language please make sure you’re using english lang in trillian. If that fails let me know your Windows version and I will try to reproduce and fix the issue when I’ll get some free time.

  14. Hi, Raz. I need this cool plugin, but I have a problem :( I use Winamp 5.34, Trillian 3.1 Pro, and your plugin 1.0.4. Plugin can’t find my messenger, and when next song start playing Trillian show me New Status Window :( What’s a problem? :(( Please help

  15. Hi Mike, I can’t “get around” the sound problem but it can be disabled from your windows sound scheme: Go to Control panel -> Sound and audio Devices and set your sound scheme to nothing or remove the asterix sound or the default beep. I’m not sure if asterix or default beep is the one who’s beeping, I didn’t test them all.. but setting sound scheme to nothing should work. Hope it helps ;)
    msn with trillian doesn’t support setting custom text as far as I know…

  16. hey, as posted on the winamp plugin page, i get multiple beeps, and nothing in trillian pro 3.1
    i only use msn and aim tho? is there somethign with that?

    i use winamp 5.32