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MyTrillianStatus v1.0.3

20 February |

MyTrillianStatus Winamp Plug-in v1.0.3
-> fixed window flickering and focus problems (check ‘aggressive mode’ in plugin settings)
-> 14 variables are available:
%ARTIST% = song artist
%STITLE% = song title
%SALBUM% = song album
%GENRE% = song genre
%SONG% = song name and artist
%YEAR% = song year
%COMM% = song comment
%LISTLEN% = song length of playlist in tracks
%SRATE% = song samplerate (i.e. 44100)
%BRATE% = song bitrate (i.e. 128)
%STIME% = song length
%TXT% = random line from a text file -> click on ‘load…’ to choose your file with status lines
%TRACK% = song track number
%FOLDER% = song folder name
-> variables are now case-insensitive
-> you can now mark your status as away or not (‘This is an away state’ option)
-> you can set individual status for each Medium ( see more options by clicking on “–>>” from the right corner)
-> you can set your status back on ‘Available’ when you stop the music or close winamp (see ‘Available when inactive’ and ‘Available when no music’)
-> you can set an auto refresh interval (useful when you have a %TXT% variable in your status)

MyTrillianStatus v1.0.4 [23 downloads]
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