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MyTrillianStatus v1.0.4

12 March |

MyTrillianStatus Winamp Plug-in v1.0.4
-> fixed crashing with the new Winamp 5.xx Modern Skins
->added a new special variable %BR% which will insert a break (new line) in in your status text (yes, now you will have a multiline status, you can also use it in your status text file, write %BR% where you want a break inserted)Image preview, click to zoom

-> larger status preview (multiline)
-> more options available in the MyTrillian Status Winamp main menu.

MyTrillianStatus v1.0.4 [44 downloads]
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  1. Salut Kay, multumesc pentru info :)>-

  2. salut Raz,
    in astra sunt incurcate mesajele intre ele si nu afiseaza sub nici o forma mesajul setat in plugin
    au implementat in astra preluarea melodiei curente din winamp,wmp,itunes,etc dar nu merge pe partea de yahoo; pe msn merge excelent pe restul nu am incercat
    bafta daca te gandesti sa reiei proiectul

  3. Salut Dennis,

    Inca nu am apucat sa testez cu astra, cred ca o sa astept versiunea finala sau macar beta inainte de a face “sapaturi” pe versiunea trillian-astra :-?

    Ce anume se intampla? cum se comporta? nu-l detecteaza? sau…?

  4. plugin-ul nu prea merge cu trillian astra (da, versiunea alpha)
    stii cumva care e buba?

  5. Hi Dulak, are you using the localized version? the plugin works only on the english version/language please make sure you’re using english lang in trillian. If that fails let me know your Windows version and what medium are you using such as YM? and I will try to reproduce and fix the issue when I’ll get some free time.

  6. This isn’t working for me. I follow the directions in the readme file to the letter and yet it’s not changing anything in Trillian. I’m using Trillian Pro 3.1 and Winamp 5.1. I get the plugin installed and running with Winamp but it does nothing as far as any of my messengers go. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.