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16 February |

 Time to “ping” my site :) Hi reader, how are you? Oh, you’re fine, me too, just busy coding and coding… My site is now on a new look, it got hacked by some bastard punk a few days back, didn’t notice the hack, they where some hidden links on my pages, google is not “visiting” me anymore because of that, it will be back on indexing me in a couple of days/weeks, who knows….
 Site was down for a couple of days but i’ve managed to recover almost everything, there are still some things to do here, but for now is ok, i think. I’ve updated to the latest wordpress version (2.7) and i was surprised too see that my captcha plugin for wordpress is still working. I never got the chance to update and release a new version of this anti-spam captcha, but got some things modified in the plugin to work as i wanted on this site, so if you want on your blog the same captha i use here on comments/register page you can give it a try, you can download it from here:

Raz-Captcha (as seen on [55 downloads]
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