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[RO] TvGet v1.18

11 September |

[RO]TvGet v1.1 B8
-> new tv channel: Antena3
-> new tv server: DIGITV.RO (EPG – Electronic Program Guide)
-> now tvget will grab more info about show/movie from when available.
-> removed the channels toolbar, who needs it ? (you can show/hide the toolbar from Settings->Channels: Show Channels Toolbar )
-> now you can set the channels tab order (see Settings->Channels: Available Channels list)
-> now the channels tab will auto scroll on mouse over (see Settings->Channels: Auto Scroll Channels tab)
-> now you can do a complete reget(redownload) for the selected day. ( right click on the All tab and choose ReGet All)
-> it contains the latest RazSMSlib (v1.2.2): now you can get the sms’es history, choose between or and more.
-> now you can disable the all week report (see Settings->Channels: Generate all week report) or you can cancel the report clicking Abort from toolbar
-> now you can disable/enable the XP visual style (see Settings->Misc: Use XP Controls style)
-> fixed some bugs when saving settings
-> some optimizations that will bring more speed (i hope)

TVGet v1.1.9.46 (Setup) [276 downloads]
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