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XtremPC CD Finder update

14 September |

XtremPC CD Finder v0.2.2
-> removed the maximum (1000) records result (empty the search box and press Enter to list all)
-> added File Actions in the context menu :
File Actions->Run Setup : click to open the selected application (when available) *
tip: double click a item in the list to launch the application setup
File Actions->Copy Files : click to copy the selected aplication file(s) to your hdd *
(a dialog box will appear where you can select/create the destination folder)
File Actions->Show Folder: click to open your explorer in the selected application directory *
-> the database contains the latest XPC CD 68 (only 476KB)
*options will be available only if you update your database directly from a new cd/dvd

XPC CD Finder v0.2.2 [29 downloads]
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