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I killed my best friend…

10 September |

I didn’t want to kill him, didn’t mean to kill him. But I did. “Baring your soul fixes nothing.”

 Relax, nobody is dead (yet!) that was just an excerpt from the book which I just got, a triller called FEAR by Jeff Abbott (UK version)


“…Fear is an adrenaline-inducing suspense thriller of the highest order. Told in staccato, action-packed chapters that are seething with angst, obsession, shocking brutality, and compassion in the unlikeliest of places, Fear will have readers on the edge of their collective seats until the very last pages, which includes some jaw-dropping plot twists that would make even O. Henry proud—yet another hair-raising gem by the new master of suspense.”
— Barnes & Noble Ransom Notes

Looks like my type of book… so, let’s waste time in an exciting and terrifying way now. >:)
You can find more info about this book from the author home page: Jeff Abbott.

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