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Say hello to my little blog

7 December |

Hello my little blog, it was time to get you up and running so here we are just you and me :-) I’m not sure what you expect to find here but i will post mostly programming related stuff and maybe some thinks about myself, like.. what the [email protected] I’m doing here? wasting time making this page to look cool so my eye can say thank you? Maybe people find in blogs a way to talk to them self and that sounds like: “Excuse me, i can’t help you right know i got to go an talk to myself”, well in a blog sometimes people will comment your entry/post giving feedback (or spam) and maybe it doesn’t sounds that crazy anymore.
Let me introduce myself: my name is Rãzvan , my friends call me Raz (short for Rãzvan) I’m from Romania and i work as a full time programmer in my country, domain it is purchased and i pay a yearly fee to keep my projects out here in the crowd… you probably ask yourself: “That means, you are back? You will continue with your projects?” Well yeah! sure thing, i need some time, i don’t like to let behind unfinished things :) . I’ve changed the Home page layout i hope you like it.

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