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The world in a coder’s eye…

12 June |

   God was a freelancer when He has compiled for the first time our world. He didn’t used DirectDraw or the new DirectX 10 technology, He used a special, home made, rendering engine and from time to time He will start tracing the source code of His work discovering and fixing the glitches of the greatest code: The World Code. All World Code is based on seven powerful an correlated numbers:
3 = Divine Perfection
7 = Spiritual Perfection
10 = Ordinal Perfection
12 = Governmental Perfection
21 = Within God
22 = Of God
37 = Word of God
I don’t know much about the above numbers, this is the only thing I discovered while unpacking a part of the main module and I’ll let you know when I will succeed to completely decompile and analyze the main world code module.

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