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LPS for Foobar2000

29 December |

LPS – Live Playlist Signature (v0.12) Foobar2000 Plug-in
This is the Foobar2000 plug-in that will generate the forum/webpage signature with your Foobar titles to include it in your forum profile/web page blogs etc. Image preview, click to zoom It works in the same way as the winamp or QCD plug-in, register your account on (you don’t need to register again if you are already registered) then configure the plug-in with your user name and password from Foobar View->LPS Settings menu and get your image code/url.
Have fun!
QCD, Winamp and Foobar2k setup has been updated adding a FAQ at the beginning of the installation.

LPS for Foobar2000 [38 downloads]
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  1. DANKE
    das ist das grösste was ich lange gesucht habe

  2. BestReferate

    Super..chiar cautam ceva de genu