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RazSmsLib (myx sms sender library – dll )

17 January |

Project Discontinued (MYX nu mai permite trimiterea sms-urilor prin portalul lor)
Romanian description:
Cu RAZSMSlib.dll (o componenta stand-alone) poti adauga in propria ta aplicatie posibilitatea de a trimite SMS-uri prin contul myx doar prin apelarea unei singure functii. Poate fi folosita cu succes in orice limbaj de programare care permite apelarea de functii API. Arhiva contine libraria RAZSMSlib.dll (22 kb) + exemple (cod sursa+exe) in C++ (borland c++ builder 6) si Visual Basic 6.

English description:
Use this library if you want to include in your own application the possibility to send SMS’es from the user computer to mobile phones if they have an account at .

It’s very fast and easy to use. With one function call you will send a sms, check the send status, choose between 2 servers or, check the sms’es history, check for free left sms’es, set proxy connection options.


Using the library :

RazSMSLib.dll is a stand-alone component, does not require any other files to work. It uses the drivers on Win32 platforms so there are no special library/driver requirements.

- Copy RazSMSLib.dll into the same directory as your project EXE.
- Although not necessary, it is a good idea to copy the dll file to windowssystem directory, which is the usual destination of dll files.
- use LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress to load the library and get ad call the functions (see MSDN for more details about this functions).



This is a free library use as you will, just don’t take credit for my work!

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