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RazSmsLib updates log

9 August |

Project Discontinued (MYX nu mai permite trimiterea sms-urilor prin portalul lor)
v1.2.2 (04-08-05)
-> added RAZSMSLIB_About – shows a message box with information about the library
-> fixed a proxy bug
-> fixed a bug when setting the server to
-> fixed a bug in history buffer
-> 2 additional examples (exe + source) in VB6 and Borland C++ Builder ,how to Link Explicit and how to Link Implicitly.

v1.2 (26-07-05)
-> adaugat posibilitate de conectare prin proxy (vezi RAZSMSLIB_SetProxy)
-> adugat posibilitate de a extrage arhiva cu sms-uri trimise de pe serverul myx
vezi (RAZSMSLIB_GETHistory)
-> adaugat posibilitatea de a alege intre cele doua serverele: sau
vezi ultimul parametru (ServerToUse) al functiei RAZSMSLIB_Send.

v1.1 (21-01-05)
-> mesajul de eroare “Internal engine error L196PTRC2″ fixat.
-> acum va fi ceva mai rapid, practic instantaneu daca ai o conexiune buna la net.

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