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   I’m just another Romanian coder and I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: Try to please everybody.

I’m on earth from 30 July 1982 when I’ve crashed with my ship on a deserted country called Romania. Just kidding, I was born in Romania/Bucharest, I didn’t “pick” to be born here but well… I love my home :D . I work as a full time windows programmer (C/C++) in a software development company here in my beloveded country (Not!) and this site is up and running keeping some of my projects and thoughts. You will also find here a lot of source codes/examples etc about coding with C++ Builder, the tool that ensures my income $-) . Well that’s all about me for now, enjoy your stay! Forgot to mention that my full Romanian name is: Nicusor-Razvan Serban, my friends call me Raz :-" .

    Programmers should be trusted. If your brain surgeon told you the operation you need takes five hours, would you pressure him to do it in three?

Where can I find you?

- Well if you are reading this you’ve already found me, so what’s next are you asking? well I don’t know, don’t ask me but here are some tips: bookmark my home page (Ctrl+D) , download my software, register here to get the latest news or get the RSS Feeds, check out the press or the games zone, browse thro my work / posts and come back any time ;)
- You can find me on the Softpedia Romanian Board I’m a forum Mod there in the Programming area (here is my profile).
- I’ve used to be an active EE ( but I gave up on them due to my full schedule/lack of time, sorry guys I’ll be there from time to time tho …
- I’ve been an active coder on as well (the first Romanian source code community) I was still between the top developers when I’ve wrote this, lack of time pushed me to gave up on them too. I will still visit them when time is on my side tho…

Contact me

 *If for some reason you need to contact me or you just want to say hi use the site reply/comments system or send me your e-mail at one of the following address:

razvan -at- raz-soft -dot- com

    * Kindly do not mail me requests to help you with your academic or work projects; instead, please post them in a proper newsgroup or technical forum.

Donations & Work for Hire

      Right now I’m full at my “day” job, I don’t even have time to update projects you’ll find here, but if you are looking for something similar or you need source code of my projects or maybe you just feel that my projects are valuable and would like to help me improve them, please consider making a donation. Any amount that you would like to contribute would be truly appreciated. And remember, small amounts do add up.

    You can always send your donation via PayPal or MoneyBookers at my donations e-mail: donations at raz-soft dot com (see the donations page here)
     You can also make donations via RAC: My Rent A Coder Info | Give Me a Bonus.

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