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Unlocking Windows Phone 7 and updating to mango (beta2)

4 August |


The first Windows Phone 7 jailbreak has been released along time ago and its called ChevronWP7, it has been developed by well known and respected Microsoft community enthusiasts Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng and Chris Walsh. ChevronWP7 will allow anyone to unlock a WP7 device for developing purpose, giving you the possibility to install and run your won software without a developer account.


ChevronWP7 works only with the first version on WP7, with your stock software (before the big copy-paste update, the NoDo-7392).

Although at beginning I was enthusiastic and ready to pay the developer account yearly fee, guess what? My country (Romania) was not an option! and that almost filled my eyes with tears (just kidding). Anyway, because I’m from a different country not “supported” by app hub, I’ve decided to go along and try to unlock my phone for learning purpose. I’ve succeed that after hours of reading and trying that, and the other thing and doing recover from backup on failure and blah, blah, blah and here I am now, with my new HTC Mozart fully unlocked and updated to the latest big update, Mango. It is surprisingly very simple to activate your phone for developing purpose, you only need to make a registry entry on your phone: DeveloperUnlockState inside HKLM\Comm\Security\LVMod and then another one to prevent Zune to lock back the phone. But how the heck you will going to do that? because is not as easy as was on older windows mobile versions ,WM5-6 or 6.5. Well, just search on xda forums and you will find your way. Let me cut it down for you in some simple steps that I did for my HTC Mozart (this works only on HTC devices):

Step 1

Before you start make sure you are running WP7 stock version (build 7004 or 7008). Revert back with zune if you updated already to build 7392 or any update.


      Use ChevronWP7 to unlock your phone (it only works for WP7 build 7004/7008, make sure of that by looking in Settings->About)


      Install Windows Phone Device Manager on Desktop so you can copy files on you phone (google it, it’s free).


      With Windows Phone Device Manager running and connected to your phone, Copy the “CustClear.provxml” file to windows folder of your phone, this file contains the registry entry to unlock the phone, get it from

xda forums

      Run “HTC connection setup” once and save settings with the “v” check. Yes, I know, this app has nothing to do with this, but it’s the only one approved to run on your phone that loads registry entry from a file. So, running HTC Connection app will load the “CustClear.provxml” in to the registry if it is found in windows folder, making your phone unlocked for developing and allowing you to put your own xap applications. But remember that this file will be deleted after each load so you will need to copy it back.


      Repeat step (


      ), copy again the “CustClear.provxml” file to windows folder (do this BEFORE any updates)


    Get your phone updated to the latest versions, make sure you have full backup first (see xda forums), and remember: each time you want to unlock the phone run “HTC Connection” to apply your “CustClear.provxml” file and then copy again this file to windows folder, make sure you have this file all the time in windows phone folder or else your phone will get locked and there is no way to unlock it unless you revert back to stock version of WP7 and repeat the above steps.

Step 2

    …enjoy your unlocked phone! :-)
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